Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Indian wedding cards: How to choose a good wedding card designer?

If there is a marriage in your family, then you must look for a designer which can take orders for making bulk cards within the deadline. Plus, you would want the card to be designed in a manner which can appeal to the heart and which can fulfill all requirements. For instance, Indian wedding cards demand that the card must have all the relevant information written visibly and unambiguously. There must be no confusion over the date, time and venue of the occasion! Besides, the cards must not look tacky or over-the-top. Rather they should look pleasing and simple. 

So, how to choose a wedding designer? There are so many designers to choose from but you need to take certain factors into account before making your choice. Here are some of them:

i.                    Expert professionals: It would be imprudent to place orders for wedding cards to a novice or an amateur designer. He may tempt you by offering cheap wedding cards but do not get lured by the money unless you are sure that the designer is an expert and can be relied upon. Always hire the services of one who is professional, skilled, trained and confident. An expert artist will not just promise you top-quality service but will also charge you very reasonably.

ii.                  Experienced: It is advisable to pick up the designer which has some experience under his belt. An experienced designer is well aware of the various kinds of wedding invitation cards that people of different castes demand. Plus, being experienced, he is not likely to commit any error while designing or placing words. Also, an experienced man knows his limitations and won’t make you false promises. He can also be relied upon for making timely delivery.

iii.           Trained and educated: The modern day designers take special training in designing Indian wedding cards. Some of them are also highly educated and hence very efficient in placing the right words that can have a heart-winning effect. They are familiar with different traditions and customs. A trained designer who has access to information to all sects of society can actually provide you marvelously designed cards. 

iv.             Price and discounts: Indians are very frugal minded and do not like to spend more than what is necessary. Besides, weddings can be costly affair in the Indian society and everyone does not have the luxury of spending too much on wedding invitation cards. A good designer always keeps his rates nominal so that all classes of society can make full use of it. Everyone from elite class to middle class to lower middle class can place orders for cheap wedding cards and also avail hefty discounts. 

v.                  Categorized cards: Another trait of a reliable designer is that he designs his website in a manner that you can easily browse through the collections of cards which are stacked appropriately in different sections. 

All these cards are meant to convey the cordial invitational message in the most charming manner. They are sanctimonious, simple, not loud and yet very appealing.


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