Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to Find the Right Color For Your Multifaith Wedding Invitations?

Multifaith-Wedding- Invitations-cards

A huge variety of religions, cultures and nationalities are found in the world and that’s why a mixed ancestry of marriage is becoming very common. Inter-racial and inter-caste matrimonies have turn out to be a rage nowadays; this increasing count has given rise to designer multi-cultural weddings cards. The involvement of multiple traditions grasps an important place in many families, so it becomes important to plan and arrange a ceremony which is blended with cultural diversities and traditions. To make the couple comfortable, it is vital to include all the traditions of both families.

In Muslim weddings, Nikah and Walima are main events while in Hindu marriages rituals and pre-nuptials are included in the grand day. If we talk about Christian weddings, the oath day accomplishes the wedding while in Jews wedding; Ketubah signing is the main function. With such a huge diversity in culture and tradition, Inter-caste marriages are still becoming successful. If one wants to enjoy his Multi-cultural wedding to the maximum then involving a designer Multifaith wedding Invitation by Dream Wedding Card is the best choice. They offer quality product at reasonable prices. The marital tradition starts with an attractive invitation card.

When the bride and groom start to prepare for the grand day, the very first thing that comes to mind is the invitation card. From selecting texture to quality, everything should be perfect. The wedlock card not only represents the official announcement of the marriage but also give an idea to the guests about theme and type of nuptials. Keeping these things in mind, it is important to select attractive Multifaith wedding cards for the marriage. One can purchase Multifaith Wedding Invitations by DreamWeddingCard; it is also a good choice for the matrimony. These impressive cards will leave an overwhelming impression on the guests too.

Multifaith Wedding Invitations

If one is planning to find the ideal color for Multifaith wedding then, blue, green, maroon, golden, red, oxblood, silver and copper are the best choice. One can get a huge variety of designs and colours from various online websites. Here, you can see different colours, designs and patterns on the same platform. You can also compare the prices and designs for your multicultural Wedding Invitations. While searching for a perfect marital card, trust a company who believes in quality services and affordable prices. Handcrafted invites are also a good choice for a multi-cultural wedding. One can choose pastel colours, tint hues and bright tones for the grand day card. From envelope seals to place cards, you can get everything from online websites.

Choose custom made designs which involve the use of kundans, ribbons, farman styled theme and bindis for decoration. One can also go for satin paper, handmade sheets and pastel designs for the inter caste marriages. Select the company wisely which offers you exquisite products within the range. Once you are able to search a good company, place your order and get the high quality printed wedding cards for the grand day!

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Choose the Best Range Of Multifaith Wedding Invitations at DreamWeddingCard

With the advancement of lifestyle, people are becoming modern and changing their mindset. This change has transformed things like acceptance of all religions, respect to different castes and cross-religion marriages. An inter-religion marriage is a wedding between two people who belong to different religions and castes. Cultural differences are no longer a problem for those couples who want to spend their life together. Earlier, inter-faith marriages were disgraced by people but, with time, people come together and changed the way of living in India.

Multi-faith nuptials are widely acceptable nowadays. One of the challenging tasks that couple has to face is the creation of multi-faith wedding invitations for grand day. Choosing an appropriate design is important as religious beliefs of couple should be included in single card. Marriage is the blend of two societies and religions, so the invitation card should represent both the cultures. One can purchase Multi-faith Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card at reasonable prices.

Inter-religion marriages require designing of invitations that are free from religion, creed or belief. Nothing makes a person feel special and valued more than kind words encased in an appealing marital invitation card sent from the dear ones. Mixed religions, traditions and customs are some factors that can be precarious in an inter-religion marriage. If you are also planning for an inter-faith marriage then get multi-faith wedding invitations from any renowned website.

Inter-faith marriages are one of the major reasons in the upraising of card designs that are unique and come in different taste and fashion. As with time, the multi-faith and inter-religion marriages have gained popularity, the designers invitations are also getting popular that don’t depict any culture or religion. They just signify the spirit of love and care.

Some people term cross-religion marriage Invitations as non-religion marital cards. These invitations come in different size, design and colors. At present time, there are many companies that offer classic and royal designs which are embossed on satin paper, handmade paper or thick sheet. These marital invitations are used for cross-cultural receptions.

The designer cards can be used as cross-cultural wedding invitation as well for other functions like reception or bridal shower invitation. These simple and elegant cards have their own charm and charisma that complement the needs of people. One can order them online to get the best for his wedlock. There are multiple designs and innumerable opportunities for different people to purchase their own type of cross-marital invitation card. The only thing that one should look for is the budget, type, design and color. The dominating colors for cross-religion wedlock cards are orange, blue, silver, white, red, green and yellow. You can choose different styles like flocked placed cards, folding cards style, far man style, two-sided open invitations or highly embellished card for your cross-cultural wedding.

Go for printed, embroidered, embossed or decor invitations for the grand day. So, cross all the barriers of caste, social status, religion and take the plunge for love with a cross-culture wedding. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

A Perfect Way to Start a Wedding with Sikh Wedding Cards

Different cultures and religions celebrate wedding ceremony in different styles followed by religious rituals. When it comes to celebrating Sikh wedding, there are lots of things that should be taken into consideration – from pre wedding rituals to post marriage rituals. There could be various things to determine in terms of Sikh wedding preparation but the most significant one is wedding cards. Since Sikh community is known for celebrating every event with great enthusiasm, the same can also be witnessed when it comes to choosing wedding invitations for a Sikh wedding. Here, we’ll discuss a perfect way to begin a wedding ceremony with Sikh wedding invitation cards.

Religious Symbols

Whether you are looking for wedding cards for Christian or Sikh community, you aren’t likely to ignore the importance of religious symbols. Therefore, while looking for right Sikh wedding cards whether online or offline, you should first concentrate on determining appropriate religious symbols. Since Sikh people consider it as the most auspicious event of one’s life, they always like to make it as much religion-oriented as possible. There is no doubt that like all other people, you too want to make your wedding ceremony a grand and memorable day of your life, you are advised to choose wedding cards accordingly.

Modernity can’t be ignored

However, it is true that religious practices have special place when it comes to celebrating a Sikh wedding, but modernity too has become the need of time. Therefore, if you want to make your wedding cards stand apart from the crowd, you are highly suggested to choose contemporary wedding cards themes, colors and designs keeping your specific marriage invitation cards in view. Now, you may ask where to find such modern Sikh marriage cards? You should consider invitation cards by Dream Wedding Card online. Visiting this online wedding card store means you can be able to choose the best wedding cards out of the best wedding cards assortment.

Eye-Catching Appearance

Wedding cards are the best way to inform people about your wedding. Your friends, colleagues and even relatives can know about your wedding schedule through a wedding invitation card. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget including necessary information to it. Apart from adding information, you should try to make it as much eye-catching as possible. This is the point where you need to look for a right invitation cards store online. Visiting a right wedding cards store online simply means you can be able to choose the best products out of a massive cards collection.

So, Which Is the Best Place to Buy Sikh Cards Online?

If you have decided to buy Sikh wedding Invitation cards online, you should not forget determining two things i.e. your budget and your requirements. Therefore, you should choose a store that can be able to cater your wedding cards requirements even without going beyond your budget. Sikh wedding cards by Dream Wedding Card can be a right choice to go with. This online wedding cards store not only caters your cards requirements but also helps you saving big money. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

Jewish Wedding Invitations Wording For Special Circumstances

Wedding is an auspicious moment where everyone in the family rejoices up with fun, frolic, and enthusiastic feel. Jewish wedding is something very special in which they believe in holy rituals and traditions. Wedding invitations are the one to inspire the guests with first impression, where wedding cards are now-a-days lighted up with religious elements with heart-warming wordings. They love that Jewish wedding invitations must be highly designed with elegant patterns by professional craftsmanship for the special occasion.

When any of the Jewish brides and the families has been searching for Jewish wedding invitations designer, not to look further! Jewish wedding invitations by Dream Wedding Card will be the right choice for innovative designs that are completely customizable. And to the present trend, theme wedding is on everywhere. Dream wedding card incorporates the theme that goes with the Jewish traditional symbols and rituals which ultimately make the wedding invite simply awesome. Along with, usage of Jewish wordings in the wedding card will turn as a wonderful add-on to get blessings as well as appreciation from the dear and near ones.

From the epochs of experience, Jewish Cards add the wedding time a festive occasion. Not only the invitations, Dream wedding card also work for wordings, font size & colour, along with other pack of card design that include but not just limited to: scroll type wedding cards, box cards, folded cards, et al and wedding planners. Though there are n numbers of things that need to be taken care of before the wedding, wedding invitation is the first thing which needs to be kept ready a couple of months before wedding in which it has to reach all the guests. Wedding cards are not just cards or paper; it is something very special which sculptures the wedding day & date forever. Dream Wedding Card stands apart from the common designers hold a special signature in designing marriage invitations in a remarkable way.

As a leading online source of designing these cards, Dream Wedding Card provides an album of invitation card collections with elegant patterns, exotic designs in multiple colours. Not only the marvellous designs, the brides and the families can have a range of card types, sheet types say for handmade sheets, velvet, and silk cloth printing with gloss or matt finish incorporated with Jewish symbols. Though it is online resource, the customer can avail 100% client satisfaction with warranty, wherein samples are available for bulk orders. Also can view the card designs in a larger format from the gallery for ready-made designs, andcan also place order for customizable designs.It is Dream Wedding Card’s pleasure to hear, “I received my wedding cards which look really grand and great and big thanks for Dream Wedding Card for designing my Jewish culture wedding. All my relatives and friends find adorable on seeing the wedding cards”, from the customers every time.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Heartiest Feelings Expressed In Glittering Sikh Wedding Invitation

There is no denying that the Sikhs are truly the most joyous and light-hearted people in the entire world. They are always ready to embrace people with open hands and their welcome is quite heart warming. This is the trait that one gets to see reflected in every aspect of their life whether it is a festival, ritual, or a marriage ceremony. Even the sight of the Sikh people celebrating together is delightful. They welcome everyone under their roof and their hospitality is unparalleled. One must definitely attend their wedding ceremony to see the true colours of their culture. When it comes to wedding, one will also notice that their invitations are also quite exceptional which express the heartiest feelings. Here are some really important elements of their invites.

Thy Symbols and Signs

Everyone knows that every culture and religion is different and so it is reflected on the cards as well. If you want to identify someone just from the card, you can see what symbols they are using. Although the symbols are related to their faith, they can still give one a very warm feeling. Even the most modern styles of cards have these symbols printed on them. The symbols have to be there because they have some really important meaning and carry a lot of significance. The two symbols that will always be there are Ek Onkar and Khanda. But if you truly want to have the feeling of joy and cheerfulness expressed in the card, you must choose the right designer. Thankfully, Sikh wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card offers a number of choices for the people. They are truly exceptional.

Make the cards heartier with embellishments

So the Sikh ceremonies are all about pomp and joy. Well, the heartiest feelings have to be expressed in the cards as well and what better way to do it than using lots of embellishments. Royalty is not the word you may want to associate with the Sikh weddings. Perhaps you may be looking for the words like ‘grand’ and ‘resplendent.’ If you have ever attended a Sikh wedding then you will certainly know how these two words are apt to define the ceremonies. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to choose the wedding card that goes well with these words. So, what are your options? Go for Sikh wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card. You may wonder why. The answer is pretty simple. Those who are looking for the expression of the heartiest feelings in the card must also be looking for the designer who understands the Sikh tradition and psyche well. This company knows the culture really well and can get you the card you need.

What you must include in the card

The content included in the card matters a lot for the Sikh weddings. The vibrant and lively lifestyle of the Sikhs has to manifest in the cards. The symbols that we have stated above should be there on every card. Besides the symbols, the cards almost always include the excerpts and quotes from their scripture Guru Granth Sahib.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Online Wedding card Makes Your Wedding Perfect

Wedding cards play crucial role in the ceremony. These invites are responsible for attracting guests to attend your wedding. If the invite is attractive, then your wedding will be attended by all important people in your life. The wedding card reflects the style and pattern of the event. It also reflects the nature of groom and bride. People get the idea about the kind of wedding they will attend through the invite. Some wedding cards show the religion of the couple through wedding card. Some people nowadays prefer to create different invite. For important guests and relatives, they print formal wedding invites and for friends, cousins, they print casual invites.

Internet has totally changed the wedding card publication industry. There are many online web portals where you can choose the style and pattern of the wedding card personally. Go for Online Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card. This website helps you to create customized wedding cards in minutes. All religions, faiths and traditions are taken into consideration before this website was designed. It is also time saving. During the wedding planning, you are already occupied with many important tasks. Such portal will save the time spent on the appointments with the card publisher. You just have to feed all necessary details and the portals shows you appropriate designs.

You can use many permutations and combinations of designs, styles, materials and color. While you browse Online Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card, you can keep the track of budget you will be required to spend as per your order. So don’t worry about crossing the budget in hassle. Fill out all the necessary columns such as venue, time and duration of the ceremony. Keep in the mind about the type of event you will be hosting. It should reflect on the wedding card. Rich and expensive wedding card in the format like scroll means it is going to be grand affair. Simple wedding invite means that it is going to brief and sweet. You can take inspiration from the websites such as Pinterest.

 Color of invitation card is important. The online wedding card makers let you choose perfect color for the card. It has all royal shades along with many unusual combinations. The texture of paper also influences the feel of wedding card. You can also slide in different cards along with invitation card. It can be menu card, program card and address card too. People are also experimenting with many bold shades of black, white and grey in wedding cards. Handmade papers, liners, metallic letters and ribbons can be added to beautify cards further. Keep in mind the combination of contrast color for background and font to keep readability maximum.

As far as size is concerned. Keep the size small to medium. Extra-large wedding cards are difficult handle, print and send too. Square invitations have started trending at wedding now. Bulk orders will reduce the cost of large wedding invites but make sure it’s in budget before you hit the order button.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

How To Add Special Value In Wedding With Multifaith Wedding Invitations?

It really doesn’t matter what faith you belong to when you are thinking of getting some multifaith wedding invitations. There are a lot of them available, and you can really choose from all the different kinds.

Use The Internet For The Best Bargains
the internet is the ideal place for getting multifaith wedding invitations. There are a host of websites that deal with the matter, and you can choose as per your choice of several things. You can get multifaith wedding invitations by Dream Wedding Cards easily.


The budget you have for the wedding is going to determine a lot of things. You must be economical in your approach. To be economical, you must use the internet.

The Budget Is To Dictate Many Things In The Invitation
This is to decide the quality of paper you are going to use in your wedding invitations. This is going to be the most important part of the invitation because this is to be the first impression. You can always choose between an invitation made from handmade paper and another from paper obtained from pulp.

The font you use on your wedding invitation is going to be important too in casting the first and final impression. The best fonts are used by multifaith wedding invitations by Dream Wedding Cards. They do cast a strong and lasting impression on the beholder.

Go Online For The Most Economical Invitations
the most economical invitations can be had from websites over the internet. The internet is going to be the medium where you can find everything required for the invitations at an economical cost. This is how you can meet your requirements and stay within a budget.

The best part of going online is that you are sure to get a lot of discounts too. There are almost always offers going on and you can encash the opportunity by getting a discount on printing charges.

Be Sure To Include Your Partner's Faith In The Wedding Invitation
There are invitations available that can be customized as per a lot of faiths. A multicultural marriage is to mean a marriage of two persons from different communities or different religious affiliations. So, the invitation should contain images or symbols of both the parties, or it is not going to be fair   to the party whose symbol has been left out.
Find A Huge Variety Available Online

The best place to look for when you need multifaith invitations is the internet. The internet is sure to provide a lot of things and you can choose your favorite. There are always so many styles available.
You may not be able to find the variety in  a shop. There may  not be a facility to display all the different kinds available at the same time.
 Get Quotations From Different Faiths On The Invitation
the best way to display your affinity with your partner’s       faith is by getting the invitation covered with quotations from both your partner’s and your faith. They should be strong ones that stand out from the world