Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Create Unforgettable Memories Through online Christian Wedding Cards

If you are looking forward to a perfect wedding invitation, that will be remembered for long, an invite that is elegant and classy, an invite that is customized. We are here to offer all that you need. We have hundreds of designs that you can choose from. You won’t have to look forward to any other place once you browse our variety.

The Christian Cards Online by Dream Wedding Card are unique and timeless pieces. Whether you choose a simple card or an elaborate piece, we help you customize and add that extra personal touch to your invite. Your invites will speak of you. From embellishments to the wordings in the invite, we ensure that the card truly embodies your special day.

What is the inclination?

We stay updated on all the current Christian trends prevailing. Whether it is a Christmas wedding or a catholic wedding we have a variety for all. We have the wedding cards suiting all kinds of weddings. Garden setup or a traditional ceremony, you will find ample choices in our catalog. Unlike others, we update and change our catalogs every wedding season. We add new trends and new themes to help you pick just the right and unique wedding invite.

The right words
In case, you are unsure of the wordings and not very familiar with, the wedding invite etiquette. Not to worry, we have professionals who will help you with the same.    

Our offerings

Wedding cards are not the only thing you need for a Christian wedding. We also do RSVP cards, save the date cards, program book, menu cards, table placements, and wedding symbols.

We also make matching cards, we help you run by your theme.We help you have the same themed card for all the occasions, for the tables and RSVP,

You will be delighted to see our service. We ensure timely delivery of cards to you so that your invites reach the guests in time. We at Dream wedding cards walk the extra mile to help you make your day and your invites which are ’the first sign of your wedding’ a truly blissful and unique experience.

We have experts who suggest you on how to pick the right invite for yourself and how to add the extra bit of personalization to your invites.

Pocket friendly
We give you an unmatched service. We send you a draft before you go for the final print. Also, we have great discounts, for bulk orders.

At Dream Wedding cards we understand that wedding preparations are hectic and time-consuming. And, we help you relieve your worries by providing you just what you are looking for at one platform and without you needing to travel at a physical store which is time-consuming.

We will be delighted to serve you and be a part of your most important day. Let us do our bit, to make your day a dream come true and to make it the most memorable day of your life.

Planning for a dream royal wedding needs a trustable manufacturer and supplier for Ethnic, Elegant wedding cards.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Add a Royal Element to Your Scroll Wedding Card
A wedding is probably the most important event of one’s life. This is a time when life acquires a new dimension. So, the wedding invitation has to be something special, and because it is meant to be an invitation to a special person’s wedding, it has to be something out of the ordinary. There have been several innovations added to the design of wedding invitations down the centuries to introduce a sense of novelty and innovation, but nothing can ever beat the novelty brought in by a scroll wedding card.

The parties involved in the marriage should bear in mind that the wedding invitation is to set the tone for the final event. If someone wants to set a royal theme for his marriage, there can be nothing better than a scroll wedding card by Dream Wedding Card. It is going to set a definite style for the final event.

Basically, scrolls were royal messages sent out by kings and queens to other kings and queens. So, when someone chooses to send a scroll wedding card by Dream Wedding Card, he is going to give the message that the invitees are as important as the kings. These cards are typically designed keeping in view the importance of the occasion. The element of royalty can never be missed in these cards.

The important point that is kept in mind while designing these cards is that the content remains the same as any other traditional invitation to marriages. It is going to have the names of the parties involved, the venue and the exact date of the event. But all of this goes in a typical scroll font.
All this is printed on a fabric that goes on to add to the regal effect. The fabric used is usually silk or velvet to give it the royal look. The quality of the fabric that is going to be used in the scroll invitation is one of the most important factors one is going to have to consider while choosing scroll invitations.
The color of the cloth used in the scroll invitation is going to have a large effect on the invitee. People usually go for red colored cloths, while yellow is also considered auspicious by many people.
Besides this, the quality of the thread used to roll up the cloth should also be good. It should go well with the final looks, and should be able to bear the journey the invitation is supposed to make.
The advent of the internet has pushed several companies to open shop in cyberspace, and the fad is catching up as more and more people make a beeline for these online portals.
A prospective groom or his family members don't have to bother about traveling to retail outlets and haggling with shopkeepers. They only have to relax in their homes, and make a choice among the plethora of options available online.
The online medium makes the hassle of making payments a lot easier with the advent and popularity of credit cards.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Simple Way to Order Indian Wedding Invitations

The wedding day is a very special day of a person’s life and he makes sure that he does everything to make this day memorable for all, especially for his partner. With the word “Wedding” there are different number of things which comes in the mind of a person, last but not the least thing we think about is the invitation card, by sending an invitation card you let people know about your wedding date and venue, with the changing times the wedding invitation card does not only have date, venue, map and other common things, it has now the different events which attract people to share the stage with you and become a part of your happiness.

If your wedding day is near, then you can also
Order India Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding card to get the best designs and themes.

If you order Indian Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card,  then you can explore their wide range of cards and they also provide their the most affordable prices as compared to the other service providers.

Here are some tips to choose the best wedding card for your big day:

Wedding Style: The wedding style matters a lot for the guests, along with the details of your location and the day of the wedding, the wedding card should also hint the formality of your wedding and for this purpose you should give the hint of the events you are throwing, if it is classic or elegant, modern or glam. In a Hindu wedding, there are a number of events which happen before and after the wedding, by giving the list of the events and customs, you can actually make your wedding card look attractive and unique.

Know your colors: If you want to add on colors into your wedding invitations, then you can ask the wedding card provider to customize in the way you want it.  Colors always add on beauty and attracts attention, so choosing some colors for your wedding card will be worth it.

Don’t make it over-crowded with words: If your wedding card has all the details of functions of pre and post wedding ceremonies so it is possible that it will become over-crowded and it will be tough for the card provider also, for this reason it is better to put the details in as brief as possible, you should not miss anything but don’t overstate any particular event otherwise it will be tough for the printer to incorporate everything in the provided space.

Consider Your Budget: There are a number of card dealers in the market, you should select the one who will be able to provide the best services at the minimum price. For searching a good wedding card provider, you can research on the internet or you can also ask for the testimonials of  other people.

Hope this piece of writing will help you to find a good wedding card provider. Wish you all the best for your coming future.

Friday, 25 September 2015

How to design a pleasant south Indian wedding cards for your wedding?

There is no denial of the fact that the content of a wedding card and its design various immensely according to the religion and ethnicity. But it is also true that the main purpose of all types of cards is the same; to invite the people to the wedding with a cordial message so that they feel welcomed and ‘invited.’ Different people have different likings for the cards. For example, the Islamic cards have a touch of royalty and the Hindu cards are typically simple. The South Indian cards also have their unique styles and traits. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while designing the pleasing South Indian wedding cards.

Putting them in perspective with the North Indians, South Indians are rather more reserved and have a shy nature. The North Indian weddings are pretty elaborate and pompous. Their emotions truly reflect not only in their wedding cards but even in their rituals and ceremonies. On the other hand, South Indians like to keep things rather simple and usually take the more traditional approach. Therefore, in order to design a pleasant South Indian card, one must keep these things in mind. If one is looking for stunning wedding cards, then south wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card is the best option. They understand that South Indians are more reserved and thus they have the design templates for them which reflect this trait – simple and pleasant.

However, one must not get the wrong idea about the preferences of South Indians. While they do like simplicity, it doesn’t mean that they do not buy designer cards. But, what one will not fail to notice is that even the designer cards they choose are pretty simply and yet quite elegant. Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card has a huge inventory of many types of South Indian card designs. They have added the cards to their collections keeping the beauty of the real nature of the South Indian patrons.

But simplicity is not the only thing to keep in mind while designing a pleasant South Indian card. South Indians also have a lot of traditions and rituals that are the part of their marriage celebration. Therefore, their cards are also designed keeping this in mind. Some people are invited to all the rituals; these are the really close people. The others are usually invited only to the wedding ceremony or the reception. Therefore, separate cards need to be printed for different occasions. Unlike North India, the marriage ceremony in South India usually takes place during the daytime (normally around noon time). Therefore, the details printed on these cards are entirely different.

As already mentioned, South Indian cards are pretty unique. We know that their weddings and ceremonies are marked by simplicity. Thus, while choosing the card designer, one must keep in mind that he understands the South Indians well. Only the person who can understand the true essence of South Indian wedding will be able to design a good card for them.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Did You Select Proper Hindu Invitation Cards for Your Dream Wedding?

 Hindu invitation cards by Dream Wedding Card
A wedding ceremony can’t be celebrated without the joined adventure of friends, colleagues and relatives. Thus, if you want to celebrate a marriage party, you must call your loved ones. It is a known fact that witnessing the most memorable moment of your life with people whom you love and care about can enhance the overall joy of this big day. There is no doubt that the best way to call your friends to celebrate your special day is to send them special invitation cards. 

Hindu weddings are known for their distinct joy, cultural value and of course tradition. Hence, if you are planning to call your near and dear ones to attend your marriage party, you need to send them wedding cards with exclusive design. Have you selected proper Hindu invitation cards for your dream wedding? If no, then you must choose right wedding invitations according to your needs and of course budget. Are you still in dilemma? If so, then you must choose Hindu invitation cards by Dream Wedding Card.
Lord Ganesha should be on Top
There could be endless variations found when it comes to choosing Hindu wedding cards whether online or offline. You have plenty of options to determine – from classic to contemporary. But you can easily observe one same thing in every card – i.e. religious symbols or images. When it comes to Hindu wedding cards, you aren’t supposed to ignore the significance of Lord Ganesha. According to Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is the Lord of prosperity and happiness. Since you are going to call your dear ones to attend one of the happiest events of your life, you must get Lord Ganesha’s image printed on the cards. 
 Hindu invitation cards by Dream Wedding Card

Sanskrit – The Language of God
It is believed that Sanskrit is the language of gods and goddess. Thus, every sacred and religious task in Hindu religion should be mentioned in this language. Hence, if you want to get your invitation cards more sacred, you must get a few sentences printed in Sanskrit language. When it comes to key elements of Hindu wedding cards, you aren’t supposed to underestimate the importance of this language. Including an inspiring quote in Sanskrit language can enhance the overall charm of your wedding invitation cards. Therefore, you must not forget adding something eye-catchy in this language. 

What Are the Latest Options?
While looking for wedding cards for a Hindu marriage, you shouldn’t forget exploring the latest options. There is no doubt that technology has played the great role in designing modern-day marriage invitation cards. Thus, while hunting for exclusive marriage invitation cards, you must unveil a massive collection of current options in vogue. Now, you may ask how to know about the existing options. The best way to know about the current fashionable options is to visit a right wedding cards provider online.

Choosing Hindu invitation cards by Dream Wedding Card can be a right decision to go with. For this, you just need to visit the official portal of this exclusive cards provider, and then you will be able to choose something exclusive and attention-grabbing.