Friday, 25 September 2015

How to design a pleasant south Indian wedding cards for your wedding?

There is no denial of the fact that the content of a wedding card and its design various immensely according to the religion and ethnicity. But it is also true that the main purpose of all types of cards is the same; to invite the people to the wedding with a cordial message so that they feel welcomed and ‘invited.’ Different people have different likings for the cards. For example, the Islamic cards have a touch of royalty and the Hindu cards are typically simple. The South Indian cards also have their unique styles and traits. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while designing the pleasing South Indian wedding cards.

Putting them in perspective with the North Indians, South Indians are rather more reserved and have a shy nature. The North Indian weddings are pretty elaborate and pompous. Their emotions truly reflect not only in their wedding cards but even in their rituals and ceremonies. On the other hand, South Indians like to keep things rather simple and usually take the more traditional approach. Therefore, in order to design a pleasant South Indian card, one must keep these things in mind. If one is looking for stunning wedding cards, then south wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card is the best option. They understand that South Indians are more reserved and thus they have the design templates for them which reflect this trait – simple and pleasant.

However, one must not get the wrong idea about the preferences of South Indians. While they do like simplicity, it doesn’t mean that they do not buy designer cards. But, what one will not fail to notice is that even the designer cards they choose are pretty simply and yet quite elegant. Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card has a huge inventory of many types of South Indian card designs. They have added the cards to their collections keeping the beauty of the real nature of the South Indian patrons.

But simplicity is not the only thing to keep in mind while designing a pleasant South Indian card. South Indians also have a lot of traditions and rituals that are the part of their marriage celebration. Therefore, their cards are also designed keeping this in mind. Some people are invited to all the rituals; these are the really close people. The others are usually invited only to the wedding ceremony or the reception. Therefore, separate cards need to be printed for different occasions. Unlike North India, the marriage ceremony in South India usually takes place during the daytime (normally around noon time). Therefore, the details printed on these cards are entirely different.

As already mentioned, South Indian cards are pretty unique. We know that their weddings and ceremonies are marked by simplicity. Thus, while choosing the card designer, one must keep in mind that he understands the South Indians well. Only the person who can understand the true essence of South Indian wedding will be able to design a good card for them.


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