Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Are you looking for Designer Wedding Cards?
Well! According to many, the most special day of their lives is their wedding day. And that is so dutiful.  Most of the people dream about their dream wedding and that includes everything. A wedding is a huge industry that includes dress, food, music, entertainment and cards. Wedding cards are very important parts of weddings and there are many companies all over the world that are providing wedding invitation cards to the people all over the world and these companies are very successful in the business. 

 One such company is the dream wedding that has been very prevalent among the people since its commencement. The company provides varieties of cards to the customers and especially in a country like India where every few miles there are people from different caste and religion in this wedding card business is quite challenging. The company provides designer wedding cards to the clients and these are designed in such a way that it blends according to the religion and your faith. 

 These designer wedding cards for sale are very popular among the customers and there are designers that work specifically on relations such as Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. There are different types of wedding cards that the company provides and these are very much affordable as the paper they use are good and at the same time are of very reasonable cost. These businesses have been very much in demand and the number of people using these services has increased in the recent years. People look for varieties and the company has been very successful in providing the same.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Latest Wording for Your Indian Wedding Card
A wedding is a very special event, a union of two souls. A marriage is made in heaven and the celebration takes place on Earth. Everybody wishes to make the event as joyful as possible. A wedding card is the initial step to announce the grand event socially so it means a lot. 

We all love elegant and graceful wedding cards that express the most within few words and pictures. Indian wedding cards usually have ‘shlokas’ or ‘mantras’ to summon the Gods. Some even have pictures of Lord Ganesha. Wordings pay a vital role in marriage invitation cards as it is the only way through which you can inform the guests about the event. Invitations Wording by can help you out with the best wordings for your card. 

When it comes to marriage, you need to say all good and holy things. Finding the best Indian wedding invitation can be really touch as different people have various choices. You can either opt for traditional phrases or can settle for the contemporary ones to convey your message. Invitations Wording by works based on your requirements. The company has a panel of artistic and skilled people who can do the work in a unique way.

The right words can offer a great impact to your themed wedding invites and your event can be a memorable one. In India, the right wording on wedding card play a crucial role. puts lot of thought inside this creative task. Add some culture to the day of sheer happiness. Keep in mind that it is all about creativity!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Options include:
Product Orientation : Landscape
Product Size : 4.75 x 10.875 inch
Product Material : Craft Metallic
Product Paper GSM : 250
Product Weight : 50
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Options include:
Product Orientation : Landscape
Product Size : 4.375 x 10.75 inch
Product Material : Craft Metallic & Butter Paper
Product Paper GSM : 250 & 60
Product Weight : 45
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Monday, 28 October 2013

Online Wedding Invitation Cards For Sale

Search wedding cards in many sizes and colors and make your wedding invitation envelopes look unique & stylish at more:-

Elegant and decorative Indian wedding cards

Indian wedding cards are truly exclusive when compared to invitation cards made elsewhere in the world. India is a land of tradition, and spirituality has a great influence on its multicultural communities.  The Indians always try to exhibit their spiritual and religious side in everything they do. This gives them confidence and earns them easy respect.  Weddings are considered as a holy bond by Indians and they keep the entire occasion fairly close to their traditional rituals and prayers. Indian wedding cards are just a small example of this statement which holds true in a multitude of ways when it comes to social occasions like weddings. 
Indian wedding card are usually decorative and they contain designs and borders that depict the Indian artistry.  Auspicious symbols and signs are also printed on Indian wedding cards by DreamWeddingCard which is a religious expression. But it is more than a mere expression. The presence of auspicious signs, mantras and pictures of gods and goddesses is believed to bring greater auspiciousness to the event. 

Indian wedding cards are of different types based on the communal customs. Apart from Hindu wedding cards, you can find special cards for Christian as well as for Muslim weddings.  Hindu wedding cards sport artistic designs and iconic pictures of deities like Ganesha, Radha, Krishna and so on.  Whereas a Christian wedding card usually has a white, off-white or pink background with designs that represent a traditional Christian wedding like roses, lilies and even couples in their traditional wedding costume.  Likewise, Muslim wedding cards have rich and elegant patterns that make use of decorative items like golden threads, shining stones and other sparkling materials. 

Shop for exquisite Christian cards online

Christian cards include a wide range of cards that are associated with celebrations and occasions of Christians on the whole. Christian baptism cards, wedding cards and house warming cards are some of the most popular varieties. On such occasions, you need special cards that display your gratitude to God. And the best way to do this is by distributing special Christian cards. Nowadays, you can easily buy Christian cards online and make your payments via credit card or PayPal.

You can save some money on your Christian cards by purchasing from online stores. Whether it is wedding card or baptism invitations, you have the advantage of a vast range of collection if you are shopping online. When you are online you can check out different stores within a matter of few minutes. Some of the most modern designs are first released online and it may take months before they reach your local stores. Same is the case with most of the traditional Christian cards. 

If you are not sure about buying any Christian cards online by DreamWeddingCard, then you can get your favourite design printed from a quality printing service in your town. You can send them a soft copy of your favourite card and they can get it edited as per your personal preference. You can even personalize your cards by printing the names of recipients on each card. This may take some time and the cost would also be 30% to 50% higher. Nevertheless, if it is a small gathering, personalized invitations wouldn’t be an extravagant idea. You can reduce the cost of printing by keeping your card’s background fairly white.