Monday, 31 December 2012

5 tips to help you select Muslim wedding invitations and menu card

Muslims get wedded in accordance to the custom of Islam. There is this tradition of sending out heartfelt & cordial invites to each of the invitee so that the latter can attend the ceremony and bless the couple. Muslim wedding invitations also help the couple’s family to make an official announcement about the marriage of their child. The variety that one has on offer in today’s internet-driven world is just stupendous. From the simplistic cards to the trendier designs to ‘farmaans’ to menu card, the choices are too many! 

Therefore, here are some tips which will help you make the right choice. Depending on your individual taste and budget, you are free to select any kind of wedding cards design. These tips would prove to be helpful:

i.                     Tradition versus contemporary: The choice has to be made by you. Do you want to go the customary path, or are you willing to opt for the flashier cards? While traditional invitations are likely to have novelty & chastity, the designer cards can be equally delightful. Some even have sequined pieces glued to them while in some cases the cards may be bordered beautifully by stones. Even if you opt for contemporary Muslim wedding invitations, make sure to see that they do not look too snobbish, or else the sobriety of the occasion will get eroded to an extent. The ideal thing will be to go for a fusion of old & new. While keeping the taste simple, you can still order for exclusive designs which will make the cards look exquisite & exotic.

ii.                    Choosing a type: There are cheap wedding cards which are as simple as one can have it. And there are scroll cards which enjoy massive popularity! And then there are invites which can be read out like ‘farmaans’- a more regal way of announcing a marriage! Your personal preference and budget will come into role while choosing between these types.

iii.                  Color & background: The color & the background are also important. It is vital that different colors complement each other and go well in sync. The texture of the card also needs to be looked in. Expert suppliers give special emphasis to this aspect while making wedding cards design. You can leave it to them or you can request a personal preference. You can also seek their advice in this matter. Colors can also be chosen depending on the season. Some people select a color after taking into account the existing season. Besides, the themes also dictate the choice of various hues.

iv.                 Themes: Themes speak for you and can be anything from romantic to respectful to reverent to auspicious. A well-chosen designer can make cheap wedding cards and menu card with appropriate themes that will easily convey all the emotions in the right doses. 

v.                   Wordings: Finally, you will also have to use proper wordings which can have a heart-tugging quality and carry high emotional quotient. While you can ask for a custom quote or line, you can also leave it to the expert printers to weave magic into all the Muslim wedding invitations with well-chosen and carefully researched words.

Indian wedding cards: 5 things to consider while choosing a designer

India is a country which boasts of a cosmopolitan culture. The Indians are divided into so many sects. Some are Hindus, some are Muslims, and some are Christians while others are Jewish or Sikhs. Despite the difference in religion, the countrymen are united and lead a harmonious existence. Their harmony is laid bare during auspicious occasions like weddings when all the family members, friends & neighbors (irrespective of the caste or creed) get together to arrange for a memorable & momentous occasion. 

Indian wedding cards are mandatory invitations sent out customarily to every invitee. It is crucial to choose a designer to supply you with your required categories of cards a few days before the marriage takes place.
Here are 5 things you must remember while choosing a designer:

i.                     Online or offline: You can either opt for an online designing company or you can opt for a person who runs a traditional, offsite factory. In today’s world of e-commerce, the former certainly has an edge over the latter. The web-based companies have lower costs and so they are able to offer lower rates. Their designs also range from the classic to the contemporary and it is very convenient to e-mail them your exact instructions. So, if you are looking for cheap wedding invitations, then net-based merchants should be your first choice.

ii.                   Reputation: It would be a tad imprudent to rely so much on a supplier who does not have any reputation or recognition. If you can spot his presence on online sites and on search engines, then that is proof enough of his reliability. Furthermore, you can check for testimonials or consult a friend who has recently got married or has arranged a wedding in the family.

iii.                  Multiple cards: A good and dependable person or organization is one that supplies Indian wedding cards to all the sects. They should be readily able to take up orders for Hindu or Christian or even Muslim wedding cards. It would show that the person has a hands-on knowledge about all the religions and is meticulous & thorough in his profession. On the other hand, someone who sells only, say, Muslim wedding cards, will lack that innovative capacity to do extraordinary work.

iv.                 Experience: It would be wrong to say that inexperienced suppliers cannot meet your orders on time or with complete satisfaction. But, usually, one prioritizes safety on occasions like marriages. Therefore, ideally, you should seek professional help of a designing website which has been in the business for some years. A complete novice may lack the experience and farsightedness to find solutions in certain adverse situations. 

v.                   Rates: Indians are frugal by nature and even though a lot of money is spent on weddings, it is right to look for someone whose rates are not exorbitant. To find someone who can take up orders for cheap wedding invitations without compromising with the quality, you must spend some time on the internet. That would definitely help you compare the prices of different organizations and to make the right choice at the end.

Online invitation cards: 6 reasons why to buy Jewish and Christian cards online

Marriages in India and in certain sects require sending invites and cards. Even in the Jewish and Christian community, there is a tradition to invite guests by sending them well-worded and cordially designed wedding cards. Though this custom has been in existence for a long, long time, it has now taken a bend with the emergence of e-commerce. Online invitation cards shopping are booming and are eating into the business of traditional, off-line designers. There are many reasons why one should buy Jewish or Christian cards online. 
Here are the key ones:

i.                     Easy to shop: Internet shopping offers an unmatched level of convenience. One does not have to leave his room to hire the services of a card designer & supplier. Orders can be made online in a very short time. Besides, today’s generation is very tech-savvy and feels more comfortable with buying things online than looking for them in offsite shops.

ii.                   Time saving: If you are looking for Jewish wedding invitations, then there is no better place to buy them than the net. Internet is the place which can save a lot of crucial time which you can utilize for other things. In India, people have to work laboriously to arrange & organize a wedding. Time is limited and online shopping does give that added benefit of saving quite a number of hours. 

iii.                  Flexibility: Offsite shopping has to be done during the daytime, when one may have so many other chores or office work. It can be really frustrating to go and talk to various designers during the day. Online invitation cards can be browsed, bought and ordered round the clock. You do not need to find exclusive time from your schedule to order them. Since internet is there for your help 24/7, you can even seek online services at midnight. 

iv.                 Higher range: Internet is that one venue where you can hop from one website to another. In a matter of 15 minutes, you can easily check out over a dozen different websites to hunt down your preferable designs. Whether you are looking for Jewish wedding invitations or for Christian cards online, you enjoy the benefit of choosing from a higher range and from more eclectic collections. 

v.                   Quick comparison of prices and best deals: As stated above, it is possible to check out dozens of websites in a very short space of time. Thus, you are in a very comfortable position to make quick comparisons of quality, services & prices by different suppliers. By taking into account the existing rates and the discounts, you can easily bag the best deal. So, it is said that if you are tight-fisted and have limited budget for the ceremony, you should always buy online invitation cards. 

vi.                 Other benefits: You also get an array of other benefits. You can order several weeks in advance or you can even make an urgent order (if time is short); you get good services and general advice; you get delivery on time and right at your doorstep; and you can even request for exclusive wedding cards especially custom-made for you.

Cheap wedding invitations: Exclusive wedding cards and their significance in India

In India, marriage is considered a very auspicious event and one in which all the family members, friends & neighbors must come and shower the couple with their warm blessings. Hence, there is this long-standing custom of sending wedding cards to each family. These cards are meant for inviting them cordially to attend the ceremony. Apart from carrying a baggage of emotions & traditions, these cards also have relevance. Most castes in the country observe multiple celebrations. These invitations contain the exact date, timing and location of the events. They also contain detailed information about the family or about the ancestral background of the bride and the grooms. 

For instance, the Hindu people in India observe a few ceremonies leading up to the date of the wedding. Occasions like ‘ring ceremony’, ‘sagai’ or ‘geet sandhya’, ‘bhaat’ and finally the ‘shaadi’ or ‘vivaah’ takes place. They usually take place at different dates & timings and often occur in consecutive back-to-back days. Exclusive wedding cards are designed by the merchants for different creeds & castes. A Hindu marriage is slightly different than a Sikh wedding or a Christian wedding. So, it goes without saying that they have different customs leading up to the final farewell of the bride. 

Hence, due care is maintained by the designers while making wedding cards. They ask for complete details about the family members and about their religion & ceremonies. Effort is put to ensure that no clerical error takes place since a wrongly spelt word or a wrongly printed date can prove to be catastrophic. Much effort is also put in to provide the clients with a wide range of choices. Some people are wealthy and opt for designer cards, while some families go for cheap wedding invitations. A number of factors, other than the budget, go into the selection of the invitations. Some like to send out sober & simple cards while some choose to opt for more contemporary designs. Therefore, a good website is one which stocks both traditional & contemporary invitations and is ready to tailor exclusive wedding cards as per your custom requirement.

Marriages being a holy ceremony, people usually do not go for flashy invites. Thus, traditional and simplistic cards are preferred by most people. However, even these deep-rooted traditions haven’t been spared the effect of modernization and many families are now turning to more eye-catching designs. The quality of printing & paper is also a factor to be considered. Generally, the paper is slightly thick so that it doesn’t get torn or spoiled easily. But inferior qualities of papers are also available which are cheaper than their superior counterparts. 

Wedding cards, whether customary or trendy, usually carry a symbol, image or an add-on badge of an Indian deity. For instance, the Hindus mostly prefer to get the image of Lord Ganesha printed on them, since there is a long-standing custom of beginning any new profession or relationship with the blessings of this Elephant God. 

Considering all these factors, you can easily choose cheap wedding invitations even at a very modest budget.