Monday, 31 December 2012

Cheap wedding invitations: Exclusive wedding cards and their significance in India

In India, marriage is considered a very auspicious event and one in which all the family members, friends & neighbors must come and shower the couple with their warm blessings. Hence, there is this long-standing custom of sending wedding cards to each family. These cards are meant for inviting them cordially to attend the ceremony. Apart from carrying a baggage of emotions & traditions, these cards also have relevance. Most castes in the country observe multiple celebrations. These invitations contain the exact date, timing and location of the events. They also contain detailed information about the family or about the ancestral background of the bride and the grooms. 

For instance, the Hindu people in India observe a few ceremonies leading up to the date of the wedding. Occasions like ‘ring ceremony’, ‘sagai’ or ‘geet sandhya’, ‘bhaat’ and finally the ‘shaadi’ or ‘vivaah’ takes place. They usually take place at different dates & timings and often occur in consecutive back-to-back days. Exclusive wedding cards are designed by the merchants for different creeds & castes. A Hindu marriage is slightly different than a Sikh wedding or a Christian wedding. So, it goes without saying that they have different customs leading up to the final farewell of the bride. 

Hence, due care is maintained by the designers while making wedding cards. They ask for complete details about the family members and about their religion & ceremonies. Effort is put to ensure that no clerical error takes place since a wrongly spelt word or a wrongly printed date can prove to be catastrophic. Much effort is also put in to provide the clients with a wide range of choices. Some people are wealthy and opt for designer cards, while some families go for cheap wedding invitations. A number of factors, other than the budget, go into the selection of the invitations. Some like to send out sober & simple cards while some choose to opt for more contemporary designs. Therefore, a good website is one which stocks both traditional & contemporary invitations and is ready to tailor exclusive wedding cards as per your custom requirement.

Marriages being a holy ceremony, people usually do not go for flashy invites. Thus, traditional and simplistic cards are preferred by most people. However, even these deep-rooted traditions haven’t been spared the effect of modernization and many families are now turning to more eye-catching designs. The quality of printing & paper is also a factor to be considered. Generally, the paper is slightly thick so that it doesn’t get torn or spoiled easily. But inferior qualities of papers are also available which are cheaper than their superior counterparts. 

Wedding cards, whether customary or trendy, usually carry a symbol, image or an add-on badge of an Indian deity. For instance, the Hindus mostly prefer to get the image of Lord Ganesha printed on them, since there is a long-standing custom of beginning any new profession or relationship with the blessings of this Elephant God. 

Considering all these factors, you can easily choose cheap wedding invitations even at a very modest budget.


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