Friday, 31 August 2012

Buying Online Wedding Cards for the Indian Wedding

The Internet boom has facilitated almost everything for us. Right from monthly grocery shopping to gaining social stature & with the latest boom in matrimonial sites, event spouse hunting has become all about clicking on the right profile. In this age of internet however, marriages are still held in an elaborate ceremony & instead of e-cards you get invited to the big fat Indian wedding with a personally signed printed exclusive wedding card! Yes, it still happens in India.

If you are an NRI wanting to have a traditional Indian wedding, take an advice & always go for printed wedding invitations. Staying abroad may hinder your search drastically when looking for traditional card suppliers. That’s why buying wedding cards online is your best bet. Yes, with marriages going online, what with the matrimonial sites catering to every community’s arranged marriage needs, even wedding invitations have upgraded & all you have to do is click on websites to get your samples. The best part is the increasing number of deigns available online which are always creative and sticking to the traditional format as well. And not just for Hindu weddings, the range online includes Sikh wedding invitations & Muslim wedding cards as well!

Vibrant eye-catching colours, intricate designs that reflect the particular community’s religious beliefs & the touch of Indianness is what these wedding cards are all about. Even in Muslim wedding cards, one always find the font in a beautiful Arabic style with elaborate calligraphy. Unless one has a good experience in, they can never imitate the intricate details that go into designing a good traditional wedding card. So always look for wedding invitation suppliers that have ample experience in the field if you expect complete satisfaction.

The quality of paper or cloth used varies with the design you chose. If you have opted for Egyptian scroll type cards, make sure the cloth used by the company is of the velvet or satin kinds so that the glamour quotient isn’t compromised with. There are many sites that let you pick the font you like to go with the card. Sometimes if you don’t like any, you can also send in your own font face which they can later use for your cards. With exclusive wedding cards ruling the trend, that’s what everyone prefers these days.
Another important thing one must look out for when buying wedding cards online is the delivery time. You don’t want the cards to be delivered late of course. Mostly samples are mailed quite soon, so it’s the bulk order that you should be concerned about. If you are staying away from India & need the cards delivered on time, always remember to cross-check with the company. So go ahead & shop online for beautiful wedding cards and add the Indian touch to the most important day of your life.


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