Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Announce your wedding day in Grand Style with Muslim Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding cards are the sneak-peak into the grand ceremony that unites not just two people but also two families. These are the harbingers of sacred association and announce the merry celebration to the world so they should indeed be designed grandly. But with so many resources for getting spectacular designs, it's not too hard to find the ideal style.
Exception Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards Online   
Generally, it is the personal inclination of aesthetic, cultural and religious preferences that culminates in to the appropriate design.  Certain details like invite color, typography (font, size, spacing etc),text color, ornamental designs like embossing of flowers or text or printed Mughal art, adornments like intricate paisley or miniature design etc have always been a big hit. Now, with the onset of online readily available templates, all the minute designs can be inculcated into the invite and it can be effectively personalized. Religious aesthetics such as crescent moon or classic verses from religious texts or Sufi poetry also empowers the substance of the design. 
Inclusion of religious texts, symbols and verses are also mentioned as a blessing for the couple and the celebration. But mostly, it is all about the play of colors and the splendid raw material that makes the invite most grand. White, gold, burgundy and green hues are common favorites due to their allegiance and symbolism in religious context. Rich raw material like Velvet scrolls or gold threaded paper or glossy handmade sheets with romantic calligraphy also looks posh. Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards Online at Dream Wedding Card are available with a rather large array of options and choices for all little and big details.
Thanks to the influx of E-commerce websites for invite businesses, now couples can browse through marvelous designer invites with just a click. In fact, checking out and finalizing designs form online businesses for invites saves the whole hassle of having to visit the designer and elaborating on the style and personal preferences in aesthetic context. In fact, getting invites designed online or looking through online collective catalogues saves the trouble of re-editing and modifications as one can just pick out the samples and templates and the get personalization done easily.
When talking about religious richness and honoring the traditions, nothing's better than getting momentous Holy Quran verses printed on the invite, to signify the importance of marital love and allegiance. Although, the invite's primary purpose is to inform the guest of the entire program but couples and designer should also take care of the excessive cramming as too much text and too many pictures and symbol will just end up looking stuffed. So the size should be decided as per the needed text and symbolic designs and a minimalistic approach towards balancing the visual designs and text should be followed. Vibrant and bright colors also look eye catchy but aren't always as sophisticated as balanced pastels.
So, let the world know of the spectacular gala of the lifetime with the best Nikaah invite.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Buy Impressive RSVP Cards Online at Attractive Prices

Whether it is a wedding or an anniversary or Birthday party, planning for these functions and ceremonies can be overwhelming. Everybody remembers the Invites but often let the important part of the invites: RSVP slide. RSVP or Response cards are imminent to planning the numbers of guests who will be attending and making suitable arrangements. This also means that invites should be the first thing that couples plan along with the timeline of the functions. Once the guests have been confirmed, hospitality and catering arrangements can be suitably made.
Splendid RSVP cards and Booklets for celebration programs
For weddings, anniversaries or birthday parties, beautiful RSVP Cards Design can be found online. Custom envelope seals along with address labels also make the card impressive. If it is a wedding, couples should add a program booklet to provide guests with all directions for what the plans are for the wedding. Or a specific booklet card can be printed pre-wedding/post wedding or reception dinner for informing guests of Food, drinks and other functions. 
http://www.dreamweddingcard.com/rsvp.html Choosing response cards that look regal within budget
RSVP card pattern and text remains quite the same for all celebrations like weddings, Baby shower, engagement, Birthdays etc. It is important the card goes with the rest of the invite and isn't crammed up with long message. Printing a suitable line from a poem that suits the occasion will be sufficient. Leaving ample space on the card to allow the guests to write their personal message along with confirmation is also important. For a beautiful RSVP Cards Design, the invite and the former should be printed in similar paper and suitable font that doesn't overshadow the overall pattern.  
Adding a gift with the invite and thank you card
The practice of sending a gift along with the invite, RSVP and thank you is quite common. AN invite means a shared connection so sending a gift along with the invitation shows couple's appreciation for the connection. A thank you card similarly shows one's gratitude for the guests who made time to be part of their celebrations. Sweet-chocolate boxes, Gift bags (can be custom developed); dry fruits etc are familiar gifts that can be couple with Invites or Thank you cards.  
http://www.dreamweddingcard.com/rsvp.html Dream Wedding Cards website hosts a wide variety of beautiful add on items for wedding invites along with response and thank you cards. Couples can inculcate their own style in to wedding invites by personalizing the designs.
So make the big day memorable with perfect way to invite and show admiration for the guests who are going to the part of the wonderful celebrations.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Get Your Exclusive Indian Wedding Invitation!

Marriage is union of two souls. Everyone from bride and groom to their family and folks should look their best to mark the occasion. Indian weddings are all about gaiety and get-together. Right from the day a boy and girl get engaged till the day they get married, the preparations never seem to stop. Wedding cards are one prominent part of these preparations.  These are a formal way of inviting your near and dear ones to attend the occasion.  

India is a country of colors and hues. The marriages taking place here have also their roots in Indian culture. Wedding cards can’t be told differently from this. Exclusive Indian wedding invitation is one that captures all these characteristics in a very interesting fashion. If you too are going to get hitched shortly or if anyone from your loved ones, you can get these invitation cards easily online.  Dreamweddingcard is an online portal that has fascinating range of designs in marriage cards category.


You can choose here from a variety of traditional as well as modern and contemporary designs. Based in India or some remotest part of the country or somewhere abroad, you can book your order and get its delivery within time. All sorts of designs are available In case you want to give your exclusive Indian wedding invitation a touch of your community and culture.  you can select from Hindu wedding cards, Sikh wedding card, Multifaith wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards and many more.  You can order these trendy and attractive cards for special offers now!

Thursday, 18 September 2014


There isn't likely any event on the planet that is more extreme than a conventional Hindu wedding. A service that goes on for a long time, for which the arrangements may be on for a month - any Indian marriage is an extremely expand occasion. 

From beautiful Hindu wedding cards and Designer Wedding Cards, to the many ceremonies emulated; the whole function is a point by point issue. Individuals use a great many rupees in a marriage just on marriage cards; and the consumption of the entire occasion could be in crores! 


Marriage cards are continuously produced using different materials today, from the papyrus-like reed paper to manufactured polyester. Truth be told, a few VIPs and well-off families even have gold on their wedding welcomes! It is about the loftiness communicated. Marriage is a consecrated social symbol of character and regard for the few, as well as for both the families. Hindu wedding cards are the most ideal way a family demonstrates its pride, on the grounds that Indian wedding welcomes are formal issues where marriage cards are indispensable. As you can order online various type Designer Wedding Cards.


However individuals have fresher requests for their marriage cards. Carefully assembled paper is one of most recent requests for Indian wedding welcomes. Hindu wedding card producers are searching for more ethnic material like silk and "zari" (metal woven fabric). Indeed wood engraved and hand cut tablets are constantly used to bring back the aged customary manifestation of Hindu wedding cards utilized amid the time of lords and rulers! In this aggressive situation of different sorts of unique and appealing Indian wedding welcomes, more organizations are going into the business. Just a couple of, then again, make one of a kind quality items - most are essentially marriage card printers making bland mass plans.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Marvelous Weddings with Magnificent Invitations

In the country with diverse culture and religions, the weddings actually meant more than the celebration. Besides the joy and happiness in these weddings, it makes two people more or less with same ideology to tie the knots with the promise for their mutual support for their whole life. The splendid colors of wedding spread differently in various religions.


Indian weddings are actually a great celebration at grand level with the participation of various closed relatives and friends. At present, arranging invites for this large scale gathering is a cumbersome task involving best selected design for the cards, with proper care should be taken regarding the wording of matter, prior fonts used etc. 

To add spark in these grand wedding, nowadays, the organizers are considering an astonishing collection of designer cards that gives it a magnificent look. Generally, these are categorized according to different religions priorities. However, if one decide to have few insights into these Exclusive Indian Wedding Invitations, it suggest the creative use of handmade paper with prints of religious idols, the sacred verses of their holy book with emphasis on their presence to  shower blessings on the lovely couple. In addition to this, magnificent use of embellishment to make them attractive likes use of zari border, silk tassel, kundan underlining etc. Depending on one’s taste, he can achieve significant transformation from the bright fresh look to simple, subtle combinations in the same design.

Ultimately, one may conclude the culturally rich country celebrating exotic weddings is also rich in designer Exclusive Indian wedding invitations that creates the feel of warmth and gratitude among loved ones making them bond tightly.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Choose Wedding Invitations as per your theme from dreamweddingcard

The way technology has gone forward these days, it is no surprise that the web-based designers are now coming out with some ‘oh my God’ stuffs. One look at the latest collections of designer cards at some of these sites will make you dumbstruck. Ever thought that a wedding invitation could be as appealing and catchy? Take for instance, the exotic works done by DreamWeddingCard. At its roof, you can find all in one designer invitations for Indian wedding! Isn’t it exciting?

The great thing about designer cards is that they are simply stunning, without being anything obnoxious or over-glamorous. They have that visual appeal but they also manage to retain their grace, which is so important for something as chaste as a marriage ceremony. One can select from a large variety of designer cards, each of them being designed with diverse themes and appearing very colorful and tempting. In terms of colors too, the options are too many. Couples who want to keep things more simple should opt for lighter colors. White, for instance, has that elegance to look extremely simple without looking boring. The Christians too almost always choose white as the color for their invitations. But if you wish to decorate your card with colorful fonts and symbols, you may also settle for a darker shade for the background. 

Furthermore, the card can also be decked up with mirror works and with other add-ons. DreamWeddingCard promises you all in one designer invitation for Indian wedding, irrespective of the caste or creed. Plus, you will not find more affordable cards anywhere else!