Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Latest Wording for Your Indian Wedding Card
A wedding is a very special event, a union of two souls. A marriage is made in heaven and the celebration takes place on Earth. Everybody wishes to make the event as joyful as possible. A wedding card is the initial step to announce the grand event socially so it means a lot. 

We all love elegant and graceful wedding cards that express the most within few words and pictures. Indian wedding cards usually have ‘shlokas’ or ‘mantras’ to summon the Gods. Some even have pictures of Lord Ganesha. Wordings pay a vital role in marriage invitation cards as it is the only way through which you can inform the guests about the event. Invitations Wording by can help you out with the best wordings for your card. 

When it comes to marriage, you need to say all good and holy things. Finding the best Indian wedding invitation can be really touch as different people have various choices. You can either opt for traditional phrases or can settle for the contemporary ones to convey your message. Invitations Wording by works based on your requirements. The company has a panel of artistic and skilled people who can do the work in a unique way.

The right words can offer a great impact to your themed wedding invites and your event can be a memorable one. In India, the right wording on wedding card play a crucial role. puts lot of thought inside this creative task. Add some culture to the day of sheer happiness. Keep in mind that it is all about creativity!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Options include:
Product Orientation : Landscape
Product Size : 4.75 x 10.875 inch
Product Material : Craft Metallic
Product Paper GSM : 250
Product Weight : 50
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Options include:
Product Orientation : Landscape
Product Size : 4.375 x 10.75 inch
Product Material : Craft Metallic & Butter Paper
Product Paper GSM : 250 & 60
Product Weight : 45
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