Friday, 31 August 2012

Celebrate With the Charm of a Designer Wedding Card

Weddings are grand family occasions, a chance for the entire family to be together. Especially considering Indian weddings, no matter what of what faith; they always end up being a rather pompous affair. Indian weddings have the unique feature of being loud & glamorous. So the Indian wedding cards also have to suit the grandiose occasion & live up to the mark. With the wedding season round the corner now will be the perfect time to go about picking a nice designer wedding card for your special day.  

And just like your wedding saree or wedding suit are important, wedding invitations too have to be unique & beautiful. The thrill of the wedding & the importance of the occasion should be well reflected in the design you pick for the card. If you are having one of those grand affairs that last for a week, an Egyptian scroll type invitation will well suit you. Scroll wedding cards are a rage these days especially when your wedding venue is a palace or a grand ancestral house. The card design should itself spell royalty so that should give a hint to your guests about the theme of your wedding. 

Weddings in India are a long drawn affair, especially Hindu weddings that have ‘mehendi’ ceremony, the ‘sangeet’ ceremony etc. Each of these events are equally important & the guests need to be properly invited too. So when picking cards, care should be taken to include details about these events. Or if you are planning to only invite family then it’s a good idea to have separate cards printed. When you are picking scroll cards there are certain things to be taken care of. For example, Indian wedding cards are always flashy, so to add that, the material should be of velvet or some shiny cloth. Crafting the cards with beads, sequins or even zari work is also recommended. The colours used for scroll wedding invitations should be contrasting, often dull brown or off-white is used as the background while the font is typed in red or maroon. In Indian weddings, the colour red is always considered auspicious.

If you want to have beautiful designer wedding cards built exclusively for you then you should also try looking online. Dream Wedding Card is a wonderful site to begin with where you will find a variety of Hindu wedding invitations that come at a very affordable price. The designs are all fresh & unique and will suit every traditional Indian family’s taste. From menu cards to envelopes with seals, Dream Wedding Card will answer ll your needs & snugly fit in your budget. So for better designs & lower prices for Hindu wedding invitations, visit the site today.

Buying Online Wedding Cards for the Indian Wedding

The Internet boom has facilitated almost everything for us. Right from monthly grocery shopping to gaining social stature & with the latest boom in matrimonial sites, event spouse hunting has become all about clicking on the right profile. In this age of internet however, marriages are still held in an elaborate ceremony & instead of e-cards you get invited to the big fat Indian wedding with a personally signed printed exclusive wedding card! Yes, it still happens in India.

If you are an NRI wanting to have a traditional Indian wedding, take an advice & always go for printed wedding invitations. Staying abroad may hinder your search drastically when looking for traditional card suppliers. That’s why buying wedding cards online is your best bet. Yes, with marriages going online, what with the matrimonial sites catering to every community’s arranged marriage needs, even wedding invitations have upgraded & all you have to do is click on websites to get your samples. The best part is the increasing number of deigns available online which are always creative and sticking to the traditional format as well. And not just for Hindu weddings, the range online includes Sikh wedding invitations & Muslim wedding cards as well!

Vibrant eye-catching colours, intricate designs that reflect the particular community’s religious beliefs & the touch of Indianness is what these wedding cards are all about. Even in Muslim wedding cards, one always find the font in a beautiful Arabic style with elaborate calligraphy. Unless one has a good experience in, they can never imitate the intricate details that go into designing a good traditional wedding card. So always look for wedding invitation suppliers that have ample experience in the field if you expect complete satisfaction.

The quality of paper or cloth used varies with the design you chose. If you have opted for Egyptian scroll type cards, make sure the cloth used by the company is of the velvet or satin kinds so that the glamour quotient isn’t compromised with. There are many sites that let you pick the font you like to go with the card. Sometimes if you don’t like any, you can also send in your own font face which they can later use for your cards. With exclusive wedding cards ruling the trend, that’s what everyone prefers these days.
Another important thing one must look out for when buying wedding cards online is the delivery time. You don’t want the cards to be delivered late of course. Mostly samples are mailed quite soon, so it’s the bulk order that you should be concerned about. If you are staying away from India & need the cards delivered on time, always remember to cross-check with the company. So go ahead & shop online for beautiful wedding cards and add the Indian touch to the most important day of your life.

Big Fat Indian Wedding With Exclusive Wedding Invites

So you are planning to have a big fat wedding & are all excited about the theme of your special day. But have you spared a minute regarding the kind of wedding invitations you want to send out to your friends & relatives? Are they as glamorous as the wedding itself? Do they convey the theme of your wedding? If not, then its time to look at those designs again! 

Indian weddings have always been a grad affair with lots of colour, lights, fireworks & not to mention the huge menu. Parents of the bride & groom usually begin with the wedding invitation cards which are used to personally invite guests. No e-cards for such an important day, thank you! Of course they usually look for cheap wedding invitations that would fit their budget & still look good. Most compromise on the wedding cards, not realising how important they are. These cards are the ones that convey the most important message-the details about the kind of marriage you are having, lineage of the groom & bride, information about the time, date & venue of the various events-an Indian wedding isn’t just about the wedding you see.

When picking cards, you have two options-either you go designer non-religious or opt for the traditional wedding invites. These modern multifaith wedding cards are getting more popular as Indians are now ignoring caste & religions when picking their life partners. Modern couples now refrain from using any religious motifs in their wedding invites, going or simple designs or elaborate non-religious creations. These cards are usually custom designed & can be bought online easily. Well priced & creative, multifaith wedding cards are gaining popularity increasingly. 

But those who opt for arranged marriages within their community, you need not worry. For adding that touch on Indianans in you cards, websites have come up with a wide range of traditional designs that are both elaborate & still affordable. Starting from the engagement ceremony to the actual tying of the knot, there are cards for every occasion. Typical Hindu or Sikh wedding cards are available that have the correct religious motifs carved intricately on them. Even Muslim Nikaah cards can be bought online theses days.

All you have to do is login to such sites, check the designs & pick one. The font designs are also available online but if you want most companies don’t mind using the fonts you send them. However the wording os the wedding invites are usually provided by the customer, mostly emailed to the company. They send the sample & accordingly you can then place a bulk order with them. So for beautiful yet cheap wedding invitations simply log in online & say goodbye to you budget worries!

Monday, 27 August 2012

A Wedding Invitation Card To Remember

Marriages are occasions to show off & rightly so. The biggest day of your life should be perfect in every aspect, right from the venue to the food. But the first thing one should always have to take care of is the wedding invitation card. Custom wedding cards are indeed the trend these days. Hardly anyone goes by the ready-made ones today, unless they are indeed matchless in beauty. The problem with the ready made cards are that they get repetitive i.e. you find almost the same designs at every shop. Gold & red are traditionally the colours used in a Hindu wedding. However couples of today love to experiment & sometimes look for bolder colours that would stand out. Normal wedding card shops however fail to keep up with these trends & thus you have to make do with the same genre of wedding cards.

For exclusive wedding cards, try something different & start your search online. Today modern wedding card designers are available online who offer an array of exclusive wedding cards that suits the young Indian’s taste. No longer are you restricted to the golden and red colours with motifs of Hindu gods adorning the cover. You can now opt for attractive abstract designs instead if you do not wish to go very religious. There are a variety of designs available now both for the card & the envelopes so that you can pick any that suits your fancy. 

For the more creative ones, you can request changes in the current design or send in your own creation & get them printed. The sample cards hardly take a day or two to get printed & based on your feedback, you can have the entire lot in just a week, delivered at your doorstep. Before you start on Google with “affordable custom wedding cards”, let me suggest A website offering an excellent array of designs that caters to every printable requirement of a wedding. From invitations to envelope seals and even the dinner menus, anything you need printed, will be designed exclusively for you.

Apart from being customizability, you stand the benefit of getting an affordable deal. Dream Wedding Card offers cheap wedding invitations that suit every budget. So you can now save up more in the wedding & won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, just on the cards. Creative & attractive with an affordable price tag is the USP of Dream Wedding Card. So log in today & pick from a range of beautiful & cheap wedding invitations.

Indian Wedding Cards That Woo Your Guests

Marriages in India are a big event much like everywhere else. But unlike other countries, here the marriage itself is a sequel which follows events like the creation of artistic mehendi patterns on the bride’s hands & the elaborate engagement ceremony. The myriad of religions in India means sometimes multi-faith marriages happen wherein all the respective religious ceremonies are combined to build up a week long wedding ceremony. In this case one would need to personally invite all important guests & take care that the multifaith wedding invitations suit the taste of both the parties. 

In a culturally vibrant country as India, witnessing a marriage is perhaps one of the most entertaining affairs. With the entire generations of family being resent & near and dear ones from afar, it is an occasion of celebration and fun. What makes marriages in India special is the sheer glamour associated with it & the enthusiasm of the guests. Hence guests form an integral part of the ceremony. The friends & relatives of the groom forming the baraat- procession to the bride’s house, is a sight to behold. The broom usually rides a horse or in elaborate cases elephants or maybe a BMW! The guests dance their way to the bride’s house where tey are greeted with great respect by the family. Inviting guests is one of the first & foremost task. As soon as the marriage is fixed, first the invitations go out. 
Indian wedding cards stand out for being a reflection of the actual wedding. The theme stays traditional in most cases, however today’s modern couples are out to pick multicultural themes or something unique for their marriages, thus creating a boom in the market for custom made wedding invitations. Especially in the case for inter-caste pr community marriages, multifaith wedding invitations are now quite popular. inspite of the popularity of e-cards, Indians still prefer sending out their wedding invitations personally or by post. The custom here is that close relatives & important friends are always invited personally, with a box of sweets and a beautiful wedding card.  Also the trend has now changed a lot. Families are now looking for good proposals online in many matrimonial sites. As such there is an increase in the number of families preferring to shop online for wedding invitations as well. 

If you want to buy wedding cards online, there are a range of sites available to pick from. The concern here is the quality & the budget. Both are important & need to be in sync so you don’t have to compromise on any . One such website that promises full customer satisfaction is Dream Wedding Card. With the latest designs & affordable prices, you will find the best wedding cards online, right here! Exclusive designs & not just Indian wedding cards, but also menu cards & a whole lot of other options are available online. With easy online purchase & home delivery, you will have nothing to worry about.