Friday, 31 August 2012

Celebrate With the Charm of a Designer Wedding Card

Weddings are grand family occasions, a chance for the entire family to be together. Especially considering Indian weddings, no matter what of what faith; they always end up being a rather pompous affair. Indian weddings have the unique feature of being loud & glamorous. So the Indian wedding cards also have to suit the grandiose occasion & live up to the mark. With the wedding season round the corner now will be the perfect time to go about picking a nice designer wedding card for your special day.  

And just like your wedding saree or wedding suit are important, wedding invitations too have to be unique & beautiful. The thrill of the wedding & the importance of the occasion should be well reflected in the design you pick for the card. If you are having one of those grand affairs that last for a week, an Egyptian scroll type invitation will well suit you. Scroll wedding cards are a rage these days especially when your wedding venue is a palace or a grand ancestral house. The card design should itself spell royalty so that should give a hint to your guests about the theme of your wedding. 

Weddings in India are a long drawn affair, especially Hindu weddings that have ‘mehendi’ ceremony, the ‘sangeet’ ceremony etc. Each of these events are equally important & the guests need to be properly invited too. So when picking cards, care should be taken to include details about these events. Or if you are planning to only invite family then it’s a good idea to have separate cards printed. When you are picking scroll cards there are certain things to be taken care of. For example, Indian wedding cards are always flashy, so to add that, the material should be of velvet or some shiny cloth. Crafting the cards with beads, sequins or even zari work is also recommended. The colours used for scroll wedding invitations should be contrasting, often dull brown or off-white is used as the background while the font is typed in red or maroon. In Indian weddings, the colour red is always considered auspicious.

If you want to have beautiful designer wedding cards built exclusively for you then you should also try looking online. Dream Wedding Card is a wonderful site to begin with where you will find a variety of Hindu wedding invitations that come at a very affordable price. The designs are all fresh & unique and will suit every traditional Indian family’s taste. From menu cards to envelopes with seals, Dream Wedding Card will answer ll your needs & snugly fit in your budget. So for better designs & lower prices for Hindu wedding invitations, visit the site today.


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