Friday, 31 August 2012

Big Fat Indian Wedding With Exclusive Wedding Invites

So you are planning to have a big fat wedding & are all excited about the theme of your special day. But have you spared a minute regarding the kind of wedding invitations you want to send out to your friends & relatives? Are they as glamorous as the wedding itself? Do they convey the theme of your wedding? If not, then its time to look at those designs again! 

Indian weddings have always been a grad affair with lots of colour, lights, fireworks & not to mention the huge menu. Parents of the bride & groom usually begin with the wedding invitation cards which are used to personally invite guests. No e-cards for such an important day, thank you! Of course they usually look for cheap wedding invitations that would fit their budget & still look good. Most compromise on the wedding cards, not realising how important they are. These cards are the ones that convey the most important message-the details about the kind of marriage you are having, lineage of the groom & bride, information about the time, date & venue of the various events-an Indian wedding isn’t just about the wedding you see.

When picking cards, you have two options-either you go designer non-religious or opt for the traditional wedding invites. These modern multifaith wedding cards are getting more popular as Indians are now ignoring caste & religions when picking their life partners. Modern couples now refrain from using any religious motifs in their wedding invites, going or simple designs or elaborate non-religious creations. These cards are usually custom designed & can be bought online easily. Well priced & creative, multifaith wedding cards are gaining popularity increasingly. 

But those who opt for arranged marriages within their community, you need not worry. For adding that touch on Indianans in you cards, websites have come up with a wide range of traditional designs that are both elaborate & still affordable. Starting from the engagement ceremony to the actual tying of the knot, there are cards for every occasion. Typical Hindu or Sikh wedding cards are available that have the correct religious motifs carved intricately on them. Even Muslim Nikaah cards can be bought online theses days.

All you have to do is login to such sites, check the designs & pick one. The font designs are also available online but if you want most companies don’t mind using the fonts you send them. However the wording os the wedding invites are usually provided by the customer, mostly emailed to the company. They send the sample & accordingly you can then place a bulk order with them. So for beautiful yet cheap wedding invitations simply log in online & say goodbye to you budget worries!


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