Monday, 31 December 2012

5 tips to help you select Muslim wedding invitations and menu card

Muslims get wedded in accordance to the custom of Islam. There is this tradition of sending out heartfelt & cordial invites to each of the invitee so that the latter can attend the ceremony and bless the couple. Muslim wedding invitations also help the couple’s family to make an official announcement about the marriage of their child. The variety that one has on offer in today’s internet-driven world is just stupendous. From the simplistic cards to the trendier designs to ‘farmaans’ to menu card, the choices are too many! 

Therefore, here are some tips which will help you make the right choice. Depending on your individual taste and budget, you are free to select any kind of wedding cards design. These tips would prove to be helpful:

i.                     Tradition versus contemporary: The choice has to be made by you. Do you want to go the customary path, or are you willing to opt for the flashier cards? While traditional invitations are likely to have novelty & chastity, the designer cards can be equally delightful. Some even have sequined pieces glued to them while in some cases the cards may be bordered beautifully by stones. Even if you opt for contemporary Muslim wedding invitations, make sure to see that they do not look too snobbish, or else the sobriety of the occasion will get eroded to an extent. The ideal thing will be to go for a fusion of old & new. While keeping the taste simple, you can still order for exclusive designs which will make the cards look exquisite & exotic.

ii.                    Choosing a type: There are cheap wedding cards which are as simple as one can have it. And there are scroll cards which enjoy massive popularity! And then there are invites which can be read out like ‘farmaans’- a more regal way of announcing a marriage! Your personal preference and budget will come into role while choosing between these types.

iii.                  Color & background: The color & the background are also important. It is vital that different colors complement each other and go well in sync. The texture of the card also needs to be looked in. Expert suppliers give special emphasis to this aspect while making wedding cards design. You can leave it to them or you can request a personal preference. You can also seek their advice in this matter. Colors can also be chosen depending on the season. Some people select a color after taking into account the existing season. Besides, the themes also dictate the choice of various hues.

iv.                 Themes: Themes speak for you and can be anything from romantic to respectful to reverent to auspicious. A well-chosen designer can make cheap wedding cards and menu card with appropriate themes that will easily convey all the emotions in the right doses. 

v.                   Wordings: Finally, you will also have to use proper wordings which can have a heart-tugging quality and carry high emotional quotient. While you can ask for a custom quote or line, you can also leave it to the expert printers to weave magic into all the Muslim wedding invitations with well-chosen and carefully researched words.


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