Monday, 31 December 2012

Indian wedding cards: 5 things to consider while choosing a designer

India is a country which boasts of a cosmopolitan culture. The Indians are divided into so many sects. Some are Hindus, some are Muslims, and some are Christians while others are Jewish or Sikhs. Despite the difference in religion, the countrymen are united and lead a harmonious existence. Their harmony is laid bare during auspicious occasions like weddings when all the family members, friends & neighbors (irrespective of the caste or creed) get together to arrange for a memorable & momentous occasion. 

Indian wedding cards are mandatory invitations sent out customarily to every invitee. It is crucial to choose a designer to supply you with your required categories of cards a few days before the marriage takes place.
Here are 5 things you must remember while choosing a designer:

i.                     Online or offline: You can either opt for an online designing company or you can opt for a person who runs a traditional, offsite factory. In today’s world of e-commerce, the former certainly has an edge over the latter. The web-based companies have lower costs and so they are able to offer lower rates. Their designs also range from the classic to the contemporary and it is very convenient to e-mail them your exact instructions. So, if you are looking for cheap wedding invitations, then net-based merchants should be your first choice.

ii.                   Reputation: It would be a tad imprudent to rely so much on a supplier who does not have any reputation or recognition. If you can spot his presence on online sites and on search engines, then that is proof enough of his reliability. Furthermore, you can check for testimonials or consult a friend who has recently got married or has arranged a wedding in the family.

iii.                  Multiple cards: A good and dependable person or organization is one that supplies Indian wedding cards to all the sects. They should be readily able to take up orders for Hindu or Christian or even Muslim wedding cards. It would show that the person has a hands-on knowledge about all the religions and is meticulous & thorough in his profession. On the other hand, someone who sells only, say, Muslim wedding cards, will lack that innovative capacity to do extraordinary work.

iv.                 Experience: It would be wrong to say that inexperienced suppliers cannot meet your orders on time or with complete satisfaction. But, usually, one prioritizes safety on occasions like marriages. Therefore, ideally, you should seek professional help of a designing website which has been in the business for some years. A complete novice may lack the experience and farsightedness to find solutions in certain adverse situations. 

v.                   Rates: Indians are frugal by nature and even though a lot of money is spent on weddings, it is right to look for someone whose rates are not exorbitant. To find someone who can take up orders for cheap wedding invitations without compromising with the quality, you must spend some time on the internet. That would definitely help you compare the prices of different organizations and to make the right choice at the end.


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