Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Add a Royal Element to Your Scroll Wedding Card
A wedding is probably the most important event of one’s life. This is a time when life acquires a new dimension. So, the wedding invitation has to be something special, and because it is meant to be an invitation to a special person’s wedding, it has to be something out of the ordinary. There have been several innovations added to the design of wedding invitations down the centuries to introduce a sense of novelty and innovation, but nothing can ever beat the novelty brought in by a scroll wedding card.

The parties involved in the marriage should bear in mind that the wedding invitation is to set the tone for the final event. If someone wants to set a royal theme for his marriage, there can be nothing better than a scroll wedding card by Dream Wedding Card. It is going to set a definite style for the final event.

Basically, scrolls were royal messages sent out by kings and queens to other kings and queens. So, when someone chooses to send a scroll wedding card by Dream Wedding Card, he is going to give the message that the invitees are as important as the kings. These cards are typically designed keeping in view the importance of the occasion. The element of royalty can never be missed in these cards.

The important point that is kept in mind while designing these cards is that the content remains the same as any other traditional invitation to marriages. It is going to have the names of the parties involved, the venue and the exact date of the event. But all of this goes in a typical scroll font.
All this is printed on a fabric that goes on to add to the regal effect. The fabric used is usually silk or velvet to give it the royal look. The quality of the fabric that is going to be used in the scroll invitation is one of the most important factors one is going to have to consider while choosing scroll invitations.
The color of the cloth used in the scroll invitation is going to have a large effect on the invitee. People usually go for red colored cloths, while yellow is also considered auspicious by many people.
Besides this, the quality of the thread used to roll up the cloth should also be good. It should go well with the final looks, and should be able to bear the journey the invitation is supposed to make.
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