Thursday, 16 May 2013

Indian wedding cards: Traditional cards versus designer invitations

When one is looking for Indian wedding cards, then he is often faced with multiple options. There are cards which are traditional, and there are ones which are designer in nature. There is a lot of difference between the two, though one can always opt for customized invitations.

Traditional cards are gentler and sober. They are soft in looks with no major ostentation or décor work carried over them. So, they tend to be very cheap and perfectly suit families who have a low budget. The color used in such cards is likely to be plain yellow or brown. These are cards which were almost omnipresent during the 20th century. They are still popular, but now they have lost some of their share of market to their modern day cousins.

Indian wedding cards online

One can also opt to buy designer Indian wedding cards online. These are much more sophisticated and chic. A lot of special craft goes into their making. Sometimes, special professional artists are employed to design the card in a specific manner. The choice of materials also becomes significant and the designer gets to select from a broader range. Designer cards are more expensive, but they are also more stunning in looks.

Indian families who like to keep their social status on the higher scale usually opt for designer cards. But there is always the risk that a designer invitation may lose its aestheticism in the process. Hence, it is important for a person to find a professional whose sample works are delightful. The trick is to make Indian wedding cards in a manner that they have excellent designs without looking loud or supercilious.

Cost may prove to be a small hindrance. However, the online suppliers usually keep costs at a minimum and also offer charming discounts. 


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