Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Essence of Royalty with Sikh Wedding Cards

The wedding invite is not just an invite; it is a grand way of flaunting the beautiful marital celebration. Although, religious invite cards have ruled the trends for decades but with the onset of creative graphic design, now an eclectic blend of cultural richness with posh aesthetics is being preferred by couples. Finding an imperial design for the perfect invite is not as hard as it used be as numerous online businesses now provide the option of customization for all small and big aspects of the card.
How to pick the most Amazing Sikh Wedding Cards Design?
Sikh weddings are vibrant and akin to the Sikh culture that vivacious and lively, the weddings too are known for their lively atmosphere too. Thus the couples prefer the cards to be reminiscent of the cordial love, marital bliss and blessings for the couple. In simpler words, the invite needs to be eloquent and royal to turn heads. Differnet processes for styling of the card such as Embossing, Foil-embossing, UV printing, Laser cutting, Glitter Printing, Offset printing (with multiple colors), Hot foil stamping, Silk screen printing, etc are easily accessible and give a whole new stylish edge to the cards.
Varied style of papers from are also offered to couples such as duplex board, shimmer paper, handmade cotton paper, tracing paper, matte paper, Velvet, wooly paper, etc. simplest change of font style and size can alter the overall design of the invite and using some modern designs through symbols and ornamental patterns, the invite can be made quite contemporary. Nowadays, a Unique and Amazing Sikh Wedding Cards Design trend of getting the pre-wedding shots of the couple printed on the invite is becoming quite famous. Couples can choose a theme for their card and prepare a similar theme on the pre wedding shoot and use the two together for a highly personalized design. Or couples can use engagement photos or specific non-personal themed photos for the wedding and rituals information included on the card.
Paisley, Damask, Tassel and Rhinestone themes are commonly used in more conventional designs as these are visually effervescent and have been largely used for rich textures and eloquent posh designs.
Contemporary theme styled wedding invite card that are not too tacky
The photographic theme styled wedding invite includes some special photographs of the couple as this will personalize the card and add an element of intimacy and romance to it. In fact, such cards look incredibly grand as the option hasn't been explored too well among the conventional audience and impresses with its romantic element. Using photographs of the couple (themed or non-themed) help in adding a personal portraiture to the invites and makes it not just religiously significant but also a beautiful part of the couples' journey to the marital life.
Using non-personal photographs of the couple or theme based conceptual photography also adds a stylish dimension to the cards as it plays up the cultural element and yet maintains the beauty by adding to the aesthetics.


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