Monday, 27 August 2012

Indian Wedding Cards That Woo Your Guests

Marriages in India are a big event much like everywhere else. But unlike other countries, here the marriage itself is a sequel which follows events like the creation of artistic mehendi patterns on the bride’s hands & the elaborate engagement ceremony. The myriad of religions in India means sometimes multi-faith marriages happen wherein all the respective religious ceremonies are combined to build up a week long wedding ceremony. In this case one would need to personally invite all important guests & take care that the multifaith wedding invitations suit the taste of both the parties. 

In a culturally vibrant country as India, witnessing a marriage is perhaps one of the most entertaining affairs. With the entire generations of family being resent & near and dear ones from afar, it is an occasion of celebration and fun. What makes marriages in India special is the sheer glamour associated with it & the enthusiasm of the guests. Hence guests form an integral part of the ceremony. The friends & relatives of the groom forming the baraat- procession to the bride’s house, is a sight to behold. The broom usually rides a horse or in elaborate cases elephants or maybe a BMW! The guests dance their way to the bride’s house where tey are greeted with great respect by the family. Inviting guests is one of the first & foremost task. As soon as the marriage is fixed, first the invitations go out. 
Indian wedding cards stand out for being a reflection of the actual wedding. The theme stays traditional in most cases, however today’s modern couples are out to pick multicultural themes or something unique for their marriages, thus creating a boom in the market for custom made wedding invitations. Especially in the case for inter-caste pr community marriages, multifaith wedding invitations are now quite popular. inspite of the popularity of e-cards, Indians still prefer sending out their wedding invitations personally or by post. The custom here is that close relatives & important friends are always invited personally, with a box of sweets and a beautiful wedding card.  Also the trend has now changed a lot. Families are now looking for good proposals online in many matrimonial sites. As such there is an increase in the number of families preferring to shop online for wedding invitations as well. 

If you want to buy wedding cards online, there are a range of sites available to pick from. The concern here is the quality & the budget. Both are important & need to be in sync so you don’t have to compromise on any . One such website that promises full customer satisfaction is Dream Wedding Card. With the latest designs & affordable prices, you will find the best wedding cards online, right here! Exclusive designs & not just Indian wedding cards, but also menu cards & a whole lot of other options are available online. With easy online purchase & home delivery, you will have nothing to worry about.


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